Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Facts about Mendell

  1. JIT, KANBAN, Dock to Stock, Lean Manufacturing, and Blanket Order management are readily supported.
  2. ISO 13485 Certified
  3. Prompt quote turnaround
  4. Project management services

What type of Company is Mendell?
Mendell is primarily considered a production manufacturer of medical device components. We manufacture to your print specifications, including outside services. We also offer our customers assembly and some packaging so they receive a turn-key product.

How many shifts does Mendell run?
2 shifts, 5 days per week

What type of Material can Mendell machine?
We have and do machine just about anything in the medical and non-medical grades of alloys and plastics. Most common are 300 and 400 series stainless steels, Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Aluminum, PEEK, Ultem, and Delrin. This list is in no way exhaustive in what we are capable of machining.

What type of CAD/CAM systems does Mendell use?
Solidworks 2008, Virtual Gibbs

What type of files can Mendell accept and read electronically?
pdf, dxf, slddrw, igs, sldprt, stp, prt or any other file supported by Solidworks

What are Mendell’s business hours?
8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

What types of inventory systems is Mendell accustomed to working with?
KANBAN, Blanket orders, Dock to Stock, Lean manufacturing initiatives, Just-in-Time inventory initiatives, and Consignment.

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