Bone Screws, Cervical Screws and & Orthopedic Screws

Bone Screws, Cervical Screws and Orthopedic Screws

Mendell is a leader in the machining of orthopedic screws for the medical market. We machine intricate medical prototypes alongside our small through high volume manufacturing. Here at Mendell we make use of technologically advanced equipment to create the highest quality medical devices on the market. Our attention to detail, medical device knowledge, and vast experience in CNC and micro machining makes us a world class manufacturer of implantables devices.

When manufacturing cervical pedicle screws, bone screws, micro screws, and other orthopedic screws, we use a variety of high quality machines including:

  • CNC Swiss turning up to 12 axis’
  • High speed multi-axis milling with up to 5 simultaneous axis’
  • CNC turning with live tooling
  • Wire EDM 4th axis
  • Solid Works™ CAD and Virtual Gibbs™ CAM solid model rendering

At Mendell, we machine orthopedic screws that are used to save and enhance lives, whether implanted during a trauma emergency, spinal surgery, or orthopedic surgery. We routinely machine to tolerances of ± .0001” with flawless surface finishes. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified for medical machining. Our intricate components meet all certifications and regulations required by the medical industry.

We manufacture using a variety of medical grade materials including PEEK™ Optima™, Ultem, Radel, Acetal, and polycorbonate. We also machine using various stainless steels, titanium, tantalum, and cobalt chrome. At Mendell, we provide select finishing processes and what we don’t do in-house, we contract out to company’s with quality standards equal to our own.

In-house finishing operations include:

  • Laser marking
  • Tumble blasting
  • Bead blasting
  • Micro blasting
  • Powder blasting
  • Cleaning
  • Passivation
  • Anodizing

For more information on Mendell and our bone screws or other orthopedic screws, contact us. We help you secure the components you need to be successful in the medical markets.

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